The International Cooperation of @uxilia
Non-profit organization for the protection of vulnerable

@uxilia Association (Non-Profit Organization) was founded in 2004 under the Law N. 266 "Framework Law on volunteering". It is enrolled in the general register of voluntary organizations from 2005 by LR 12/95 and registered in 2004 by private and then public deed by notary on November 2011. @uxilia is recognized by the Italian state with inscription in the Register of Legal Persons of the Prefecture UTG at n. 425 dated 12/03/2012 under Presidential Decree 361 of 2000 art.1. @uxilia is member of the voluntary national observatory of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy under Ministerial Decree of December 2010. It is also partner of the Ministry of Justice thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Juvenile Justice. 

The legal National head office of @uxilia (Tax Code: 90106360325) is in Cividale del Friuli (Udine).

@uxilia is non-partisan association that carries out voluntary activities in the field of social-welfare, in those of education, health and the protection and promotion of human rights, mainly through voluntary and free services and performances of its members.

The institutional aims that the association intends to pursue are:

1. Carrying out development cooperation activities in favour of the populations living in developing countries.

2. Promote and carry out activities to protect the rights of children, the elderly, migrants, minorities, families and all the people who are in disadvantaged situations, having social, health and legal difficulties.

3. Promote and carry out social-welfare activities, education and training programmes, job placement and distance support.

4. Promote and conduct, through cooperation agreements, both in Italy and abroad therapeutic and health activities in any field, with particular reference to those of neoplastic diseases and rare diseases caused by emergencies, armed conflicts, poverty and underdevelopment, mainly in favour of minors.

5. Implement and publish research, analysis and feasibility studies in different fields: economic, legal, health, food, environment at national and international levels, with particular attention to the situation and needs of developing countries.

6. Linking voluntary organizations, research centres, universities, public and private organizations and media for the realization of the purposes listed above.

7. Promoting tools and initiatives designed to encourage the growth of culture, solidarity, charity work, social inclusion and equity stimulating participation and active citizenship of organizations and individuals.

8. Organize and implement conferences, congresses, exhibitions, theatrical performances, sports and music events, produce documentary films, books, magazines, related to social, health, educational and pedagogical matters.

To achieve the aforementioned purposes @uxilia is supposed to collaborate and be temporary associated with any public or private organization that pursues the same purpose. The activities of the association and its aims are based on the principles of equal opportunities between women and men respectful of the inviolable rights of the person.

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