Delivery of orthopaedic footwear for prothesis to the physiotherpy and rehabilitation Center of Alberto Cairo


Beneficiaries: Center physiotherpy and rehabilitation of Alberto Cairo di Kabul - Maimed due to landmines

Cities / Region involved: Afghanistan

Period: 2004

Sources of funding: Spes in partnership with CIMIC

Costo complessivo: 8.000 euros

Project Status: concluded
Mines cerated in Afghanistan a real host of mutilated people. Auxilia, together with SPES, bought 3.000 pairs of orthopaedic shoes fitting orthopaedic prothesis and delivered them to the Kabul physiotherapy and rehabilitation center of Alberto Cairo, thanks to the help of the CIMIC. The Alberto Cairo Center manufactures the orthopaedic prothesis directly on the spot, using recycled materials and makeshift devices. We also delivered toys for the prisoners’ children, to the female section of the Kabul jail.






Memorandum of hunderstanding with Spes 

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